Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Why people with memory problems (shouldn't be allowed to shop by themselves)!

As I may or may not have mentioned, one of the medications I'm on for managing the pain from the compressed discs in my neck causes "reduced mental acuity . More or less, I forget stuff easily, I know I know something but can't remember it, I get pretty muddled sometimes and I get confused pretty easily.

This could also easily be confused with "Pregnant brain" or "Mommy brain" or "old age" but let me blame the medication, it's easier for me to cope (and subsequently forget about).

Some of you, who are closer to me, know that I've recently discovered I've purchased duplicates and triplicates of some things (rice, croutons, kid's snack foods, pasta) but I truly outdid myself this time.

With Christmas approaching, I've been unearthing all my Christmas stuff... Which I dutifully cataloged when I packed it up last year. I knew exactly what I had (and where, which is even a bigger miracle). Pinterest has led me to a plethora of new (and cooler) projects to tackle this year so back in early November, I took advantage of a 30% off coupon and shopped Michael's early on a Sunday morning.

Having raffled off all the Perfect Bows I've made in a fund raiser for TroublerMaker's old preschool, I knew I needed to make new bows for my banister  So... I picked a nice plaid, wired ribbon, identical to the previous bows (as I really liked it).

So today, as I finally unpacked all the stuff I bought nearly a month ago, I discovered the ribbon. And found the ribbon I packed last year... Then I found the other new spool I bought at Costco during our annual Christmas Shop in November to Avoid the Insanity of December.

How much plaid ribbon do I have? 100 yards. Which is 300 feet (91.4 metres).

That's a lot of ribbon. Plus I bought the gold and the pine cone for bows too.

So I've figured out my new business venture... Handmade Christmas bows in plaid or pine cone... ;)

This is why people with memory problems shouldn't be allowed to shop alone! This is also why I baked my husband cookies and made him promise to love me forever.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Menu Plan Monday - November 25, 2012

Hi! Back at trying to be a productive member of the (blogging) society and what a better way to start than to share my weekly menu plan... That I and I know my other mother is perving checking out my blog and I know she's asking herself  "What are they eating up there in the frigid north while I'm basking in the sun and drinking margarita's?"... Hi Nancy!!!!! :) <3 p="p">
Sunday Beef dip (in a crock pot)
Monday Gramma's Homemade Mac and Cheese with steam green beans
Tuesday Baked Pototo & Leek soup with cheddar and bacon
Wednesday Pork Stir Fry with Fried Rice
Thursday Sante Fe Sheperd's Pie
Friday Chicken Salad Sandwiches

I`m back on full cooking duty and have my first (partial) day at work tomorrow! Thanks for stopping by and please come back soon - I`m getting off my sit and wallow kick and will be heating up the kitchen and my home with lots of holiday goodies!

For more yummy menu plans and inspiration, check out the Org Junkie`s Menu Plan Monday!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Lamest Blog on the Block...

I am the lamest blog on the block these days. My heart is just not in anything at the moment and as down as it gets me, I just can't. It's been a funk since the spring but I had renewed energy over the summer and was planning stuff.

And then I broke, my body broke, and I just stopped.

So I'm sorry, I'm sorry that my hearts not in it and I keep posting what I'm doing instead of actually doing the stuff I like. The more time that passes, the more problems I'm having getting started. I'm sure it will get figured out sooner or later. :)

Currently: November 14, 2012

Brennan is...

Reading... Robert Munsch's "Thomas' Snowsuit"... I do not like this book, or, for that matter, most of the Robert Munsch books (save for "I'll love you Forever"). I get that kids like them, I get that he gets them. I just don't like the stories, cadence or language. Just about every reading means at some point before bed, Brennan is going to flip a line from the book back to me... If you've read these books, you know what I mean. Or maybe it's just because I really like to get into reading them with voices and emotion?

Wishing... For cold weather. He is tired of the warming trend melting his snow.

Cooking... Nothing. He is getting particularly good at deciding what restaurant to order from... *blush* Guess we should start meal planning and cooking together again!

Thankful... For his new slippers. His ridiculously expensive slippers; we wanted good quality, supportive slippers. This is apparently something not frequently sought after...

Loving... Sharing my bagel at breakfast. He's also loving my grapefruit.

Brennan's Mom is...

Reading... Way too much "mommy porn". The latest book on the nightstand is "Wicked Nights" by Jenna Showalter. It's terrible. Like really, really, really bad. My friend assures me the next book she's lending me is better... More "50 Shades" with less abuse. We'll see.

Wishing... To go back to work. I got the "okay" for a few hours a week but now my department is the stall - just wanting to make sure I'm not doing more damage than good... But I'm going a little bOnKeRs!

Cooking... Nothing. We ordered out tonight and last night, I made chicken and fried rice, the night before I had crackers and cheese - I made the boys Kraft Dinner.

Thankful... For my physio therapist and acupuncture  It's got the bleed through pain from the compressed discs back in manageable form.

Loving... That today marks the 14th (fourteenth) "anniversary" of my first date with my husband. I cannot believe it's been 14 years. FOURTEEN YEARS! That's crazy!

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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Currently - November 7, 2012

I was sure looking forward to this today! Check out Brennan playing in the snow!

Brennan is...

Anticipating... Is there anything else a kid at this time of year, who lives in Canada, thinks about? SNOW!!!

Buying... Everything he could buy for the children who don't have. We've asked that he only ask Santa for two gifts... He does have a budget to buy gifts for the local Christmas toy drive and he's been pouring over the WalMart toy flyer dreaming!

Needing... Although he hasn't said it, I think he needs me more than usual. He's been clingy, argumentative and a bit whiny. He's happiest when he's in my lap - and I'm okay with that!

Thinking... About decorating the house! We bought a few new decorations for the holidays and he has been on at me since we brought them home to decorate... Although I used to have a strict "no decorating until December 1", having kids have changed EVERYTHING I once knew and believed to be true!

Ignoring... The idea that he has to go through his toys and part with many of them... Previously, we've purged his toys but thought it would be a good exercise for him to realize the ebb and flow of "stuff"...

Brennan's Mom is...

Anticipating... Getting the okay to go back into the office a few hours each week! As my friend told me, I'll be wishing a year from now to just work a few hours a week so I better enjoy it while I can!

Buying... Too much of everything: decorations, food, presents. I love Christmas but I hate my compulsion to buying things!

Needing... Snuggles from my little boy and reassurance that this will get better and one day, I'll be muddled brained and in pain no more!

Thinking... About the office and the screw ups I have to correct when I go back. A person took over my projects, said person has been terminated and said person SCREWED UP a lot of my stuff... Everything is over budget and I'm left trying to explain why.

Ignoring... The giant dust bunnies that are accumulating on the stairs... and under the bed... and under the table... and under the phone desk... But I'm okay with it really...

Thanks for stopping in and be sure to check everyone over at Harvesting Kale!


Thursday, November 1, 2012

Currently - November 1, 2012

Brennan is...

Loving... The idea that Christmas is TOMORROW!

Looking... For his Halloween candy his Dad took away from some serious misbehaving tonight!

Cooking...  anything he can chop!

Catching... every single cold that's bouncing around his preschool!

Missing...  Halloween! He woke up this morning asking me if it was Christmas, when I said "No", he asked if it was still Halloween!

Brennan's Mom is...

Loving...  Being able to spend some extra time with Brennan... Although being home medically impaired from the crushed discs in my neck is not the best way to be able to have a few more minutes, it is still time that I'm happy to have!

Looking... Forward to getting the okay to go back to work part time! I see the doctor next week and fingers crossed, he thinks I'm well enough to go back to me regular duties!

Cooking... Mostly simple things like grilled cheese and opening cans of soup but at least I'm not watching my husband trying his very hardest to prepare dinner!

Catching... Up on my soap opera! It's been decades since I watched it regularily, but I'm enjoying every single guilty minute of the trash TV!

Missing...  My very best friend from work!

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