Monday, February 6, 2012

Menu Plan Monday - February 6

Another Monday... Thankfully, I planned on Friday night and I'm working on getting back into my 'month at a time' schedule so I don't have to spend a few hours each weekend menu planning. As I've shown before, when I plan monthly, I'm better able to control our grocery budget.

This week, I'm feeling ambitious! All the meals are 'quick to the table' so hopefully, it won't make dinners too late by opting to try some more complex meals.

Monday Chicken Cordon Bleu with fried rice & steamed green beans
Tuesday Weeknight Lasagna Toss
Wednesday Pork chops with Fan Baked Potatoes

Thursday Tortellini in Salmon Ricotta sauce (I add more spice to taste as the original is a bit bland)
Friday Chili with corn bread
Saturday Assorted Sub Sandwiches
Sunday (I can't remember right now - I'll update later when I see the menu at home)

What's on your menu this week? For more great ideas, check out the Or Junkie's Menu Plan Monday! Thanks for stopping by and happy cooking!

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