Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Currently... October 17, 2012

Participating in "Currently" again this week - just so much fun and such a great way of documenting the things I can't remember! This week, I thought I'd include TroubleMaker (aka Brennan)... :)

Brennan is...

Feeling... Anxious... He is anticipating our "Mom and Brennan" day tomorow!
Drinking... Water and chocolate milk (two different cups but he keeps alternating)
Looking for... Halloween decorations!
Dreaming... I can only guess but I'm thinking Halloween!
Making... Pictures to decorate the house with - for (you guessed it) Halloween!

Brennan's Mom is...
Feeling... Very, very full! Had a very LARGE dinner at the Sicilian Pasta Kitchen with my friend, Jenn.
Drinking... Water!
Looking for... Information on Ancient Civilizations
Dreaming... Of getting feeling back in my thumb!
Making...  I'm starting to think about making some new Christmas decorations but with the absence of snow, I'm not really feeling winter!

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  1. Kale has had his eye out for Halloween decorations too. He loves pointing out all the pumpkins on our way to school. I think Halloween is really going to blow his mind this year :)

    I can't believe you're already thinking Christmas! I'm not sure I've come to fully accept that summer is over.....

    1. I <3 Christmas! I have to start now or I'll likely forget and then... Tada! It'll be Christmas and I won't be ready!

      I love the wonderment of children at these holidays - it's so amazing to see it firsthand and new!

  2. Replies
    1. I used to worry about his serious like of the brown goodness, but after hearing many dietitians report it is "as good" as milk, I don't feel quite so guilty!



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