Thursday, December 13, 2012

Currently - December 12, 2012

This week, Brennan is currently...

Reading... Curious George's Christmas Countdown
Listening to... Holiday's Rule!
Hating... His eye drops for pink eye 
Laughing... At the new episodes of Curious George on PBS!
Ignoring... Me, when I tell him it's time for eye drops!

Brennan's mom is currently...

Reading... Kate Morton's The Secret Keeper
Listening to... Holiday's Rule!
Hating... Giving Brennan his eye drops!
Laughing... At being the healthiest person in our house!
Ignoring... The pile of stuff I have to do yet before Christmas!

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  1. Ugh, pink eye is so brutal. That's great that you haven't picked it up. When Kale had it last year, Kris and I and Kale's nana and uncle allll managed to get it. It was pretty terrible :(

    1. I can't believe how horrible pink eye is! I've actually haven't known anyone with it so it was a shock (although we'd been told it had been going around preschool). Turns out he was allergic to the eye drops so on top of pink eye, we discovered his first and only allergy!

      Both David and I thought for sure we had it but our eye redness was from lack of sleep! I don't think we're out of the woods yet, but here is hoping!

      Thanks for reading, Randalin! I always appreciate your comments. :)



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