Wednesday, January 9, 2013

We-Design Day! Trending 2013

It's been a very long time since I've written a We-Design day post. So much has been going on personally, that it just doesn't seem like I've had time to dedicate to my love of design. With a new year, I'd like to try writing about design and sharing my passions.

Today, I'd like to talk trends. Each year, see trends evolve. Often it starts in runway fashion (colours, styles, textures) and it morphs into interior design. The fluidity of fashion has changed how interior design can be approached. Decorating a house in a certain style used to be the norm. Due to the cost of large furniture pieces, typically, decorating would be done and left in that same style for years (and years and years).

That's not a certainty anymore! A large swing towards mixing styles, purchasing "big ticket" pieces that are timeless and applying the use of colour, changeable accessories and accents pieces to aid in the feel of having a trendy interior without committing to the same style for 20 years.

So what's hot for 2013? Some of the same things that were big in 2012.

Chevron patterns continues to be used, in art, wall and floor coverings and textiles. It is a simple idea to incorporate into any space but use it sparingly; too much of a good thing can overwhelm and easily dominate a space. There are lots of easy, quick and inexpensive DIY projects across the internet that will allow you to incorporate this trend easily and in a disposable fashion.

The use of ombre patterns is also gaining in popularity.  It's a simple technique that again is covered at length in DIY projects on the Internet. A simple sewing project would be to get some fabric dye, wet some plain cotton fabric and dip in the dye, allowing it to creep up the fabric. Once dry, a few simple seams would allow you to make a quick and easy slip cover for a preformed pillow.

The hot finish for 2013 is dulled down bronzes, golds and brass. From light fixtures to furniture to door knobs, it looks like rich, opulent gold is becoming king! I'm personally not keen on this finish but simply because it is trendy doesn't mean you have to jump on the bandwagon.

How do you feel about animal motifs? Owls, foxes and squirrels seem to be very fashionable and very trendy this year. Like with all good things, less is more! An owl, a fox or a squirrel will be plenty! Other birds are big too - small, dainty accessories (perhaps in burnished gold).

Top colour choice? Emerald! I love green and emerald (and variations there of) are fantastic way to add visual interest and punch to any space.

Remember, design is part style but it's also part personal taste. You should be the biggest influence in your design choices!

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