Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Did you celebrate National Chocolate Cake Day?

Yesterday, after a beautiful nap (punctuated by the most perfect soundtrack), I woke remembering

three things.

1. It was National Chocolate Cake Day
2. It was Family Literacy Day
3. I really love naps

So I did what any sane person would do. I decided to bake a chocolate cake.

I have a great chocolate cake recipe but since my husband had previously declared it 'unnecessary' to bake a cake for National Chocolate Cake Day, I decided to find a different recipe to try because I like new things. I Googled "Easy one bowl chocolate cake" and honestly tried the first one on the list. It had good reviews, it was easy and went together quickly. I did two 9" round pans -  it seemed like it should be different (than what I usually do) so I could pay proper homage to the Chocolate Gods.

Twenty minutes later it was in the oven. Thirty five minutes later, it was out of the oven. After brief consultation with my sister about the appropriateness of a filling, I whipped one up, made the frosting and waiting for the cake to cool.

After piano class, it was time to eat that decadent piece of awesome.

And awesome it was. It has been said I have a flair for the dramatic but I summed the cake eating experience like this: It is like a giant slice of sex, heaven and good wine rolled into one, chocolate laden piece of gold.

Click the link to discover the Magic Sex Cake recipe. For my filling I combined 1/2 an instant pudding cup with about 2-3 ounces of plain cream cheese. I then made my 'usual' frosting, which goes like this:

Creamy Frosting
3 tbsp margarine
3 tbsp cocoa
1-1/2 cups icing sugar
3 tbsp cream

I baked the cake in two, parchment lined pans. I spread the filling on one half, topped with cake and smothered that bad boy in my creamy frosting. I refrigerated it because it seemed like a good idea. It was and it is still moist and delicious.

I'll also add two final thoughts. Although i make chocolate cake all the time, I rarely eat it. This cake, however, is all I want to eat. Maybe it's PMS, maybe it's a full moon, but I can tell you although I already had my slice (two, who am I kidding? Lunch needed dessert today too), I am seriously considering doing extra time on the elliptical so I can eat more of that wondrous creation.

My final thought is this - my husband, the King of All Things Chocolate was 'meh' about the cake. He thought it was 'heavy' and although he hasn't turned down a piece, he said he still prefers my other recipe.

He is wrong, but I love him and I will still make him his favourite.

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