Thursday, June 3, 2010

Back on the Wagon!

So I’m hiatus from blogging – I make it ‘official’ and BOOM, the spirit hits. Maybe it’s because I’m in better spirits today?

Over the past few weeks, I have been tackling small organizing projects in our house. The first was randomly emptying kitchen drawers on the May Long weekend. Our outdoor plans were shelved due to rain (and snow, if I recall) so as we stood around on Sunday morning discussing what we could do that day, I started to empty the drawers… First in search of a little plastic square we use to scrape out the cast-iron frying pans but it quickly evolved into a complete empty, purge and wash event!

I don’t have many drawers in my kitchen. Well, I actually have lots of drawers in my kitchen. In our condominium, I had two drawers. One for cutlery and ‘everything’ and one additional one that had to be the ‘junk drawer’ because EVERY kitchen has to have one. In our present house, I have six drawers and of course, one of them is the customary ‘junk drawer’. I have a drawer with towels, one with potholders, oh, wait – I have two junk drawers – a small junk drawer, the drawer for plastic wrap, foil and baggies, the cutlery drawer, the kitchen tool drawer (for egg slices, flippers, etc) and another junk drawer.

So as I write this, all proud to tell you I filled half a shoe box with unused and unneeded kitchen implements, I’m embarrassed to realize I’ve discovered my next project.

Every kitchen needs a junk drawer but not two. I’ll let you know how I make out with the next “snip-it” in a couple of days.

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