Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Diversification is the key?

My blog is new – only a couple of months old and lately, I’ve been having difficulty writing regularly. When I started it, I was MOTIVATED to clean and organize my life and I felt truly inspired – why not share my bumbling tale with others and I shot out of the gate like a winning Thoroughbred!

Except I’m far more diverse. Sure... I’m trying to organize and clean but I also like to postulate about politics, life, children. I like to think of funky design ideas, dream about paint colours and complain about annoying people. I have learned many things from TroubleMaker (my 2 year old) and the Wonder Pup (my 10 year old Standard Schnauzer) that I’d like to share with the world...

I feel that I’ve pigeon holed myself thus far by trying to focus my blog on one idea. I really thought my blog had to have a ‘theme’ – a guiding light that would make it interesting and helpful but I’ve come to see that I have far more to offer everyone by just sharing me and the various parts of my life I write about.

Or maybe you have a design question you’d like answered. Or perhaps want to know about cloth diapers and extended breastfeeding or c/sections and breastfeeding or babies (who turn into toddlers) who do not sleep. Or life as a step child or having your son be the first, fourth and fifteenth grandchild or what family gatherings are like when you have a HUGE (immediate) blended family. I'm open to suggestions too!

Yes, I think it’s time to diversify the Barefoot Deliberations portfolio. I’m not a static, flat person so why should my blog be any different than Brennan’s Mom is in real life? I hope you’ll enjoy the changes I’ll be making in the coming weeks.

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