Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What's your life path (number)?

I admit fairly readily that I’m a little lost in this life sometimes. I have all the things I thought I wanted - a nice home, a loving and devoted husband, an amazing, beautiful, healthy, perfect son, a good job with decent hours good pay and excellent benefits. We get a good vacation each summer in our great little motor home and we have lots of cars. We live in a good neighbourhood with great neighbours and all the check boxes for summing up a successful and full life are checked. I’m (mostly) healthy and we do OK with the things we want.

But I very often feel like something is missing… Naturally, like every mother, I want more time with my son and more time at home. I have a creative streak that is left untapped recently but I know that it is deeper than that.

During a recent lunch break, I randomly typed into the Google something like “the meaning of life” or “how to find your life path” and it came up with a bunch of different sites – the one that caught my eye was "your life path number"... Now, years ago, I was “into” astrology and palmistry and all the things that go with the occult. I don’t really know what I thought of all of it, but I suppose I must have decided there was a fair amount of truth behind it all as I kept reading and “believing”. But with time and most fads, my interest waned and I moved on to different things.

But I decided today to calculate my life path number and read what it had to say about me. As it turns out, I’m a “5” and honestly, it is me to a “T”… Or at least it is in my own eyes! I don’t think I’m quite as adventurous as it describes but I don’t like to be bored and I like to live life well. It says I’m always questioning life and the answers so I thought “Holy cow – the accuracy is frightening, let’s see what the rest of family is like…”

My husband is an “8” and couldn’t be farther from the truth… Save for his being a fun sucker (OK- that’s not fair – he’s not and it’s not really what it said). What it did say was that the negative “8”’s were often suppressive of the enthusiasm and effort of other members of the environment. This sentence does aptly, again in my mind, describe how I sometimes see my husband. He is a practical person who doesn’t dwell in the make believe. I am very much a dweller and a make-believer and I do know that this does tend to drive my husband a little crazy.

TroubleMaker is a “4” and although he is two and one half, there are parts that I do see developing that accurately match the description of his ‘life path number’. It said he is “strong willed” (often mistaken for being stubborn) and he is very set in his ways and he is determined to handle things his own way. These describe him perfectly – however, he is two and one half and I believe that description likely describes just about any toddler!

So I suppose, like horoscopes, you can bend anything to fit, if you try! What is your life path number – does it describe you?

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