Saturday, September 17, 2011

All the things I need to know, I learned from my three year old...

Today, I took TroubleMaker shopping. My husband gave me the "get rested" speech as I'm several days into this cold and I'm not much better than the first day... So, I shopped.

I am not a shopper. I like the idea of shopping but I dislike the throngs of people and routing through a bunch of stuff I don't want in hopes of finding what I do want. I also get annoyed that the stores I want to go to are so far apart.

But this is about TroubleMaker, not me.

First, we went to PetSmart to get Max some Greenies. We had to look at the fish (the catfish were most confusing to him) and the rodents (Mommy, where are the bunnies?) and the birds. He liked the lizards and thankfully didn't ask to bring anything home.

We then went to a big box craft store. They had a sale if you had a coupon. I had the coupon. TroubleMaker rode in the cart. He liked this but he was annoyed that I was not buying him toys.

TroubleMaker's First Shopping Cart Ride_October 2008

We then went to the bank and then a mall. We had snacks. He ate a hot dog and we shared (via different straws) an Strawberry Julius. He much preferred today's Julius to the orange ones I made yesterday.

He asked me 17 times if his school was open. I can only hope his enthusiasm lasts through University.

We went to the fabric store but only after he informed me this "Mall does not have a fab-ick store." He admitted he was mistaken a few minutes later. Our trip was short - I had a negative reaction from the weekly Methotrexate injection and he just wouldn't stay near me. A fabric store is a dangerous place for a child. All that clean and a mustard and ketchup laden face...

We raced home. He brought in the spider.

Wait, I didn't mention the spider did I?Our 'spider' is much, much, much bigger.

I introduced him to Pick Up Sticks. I was amazed by the simplicity of the game. He liked picking up all the red ones and didn't care for the rules. Once that got boring, we began assembling ramps. As I tried to explain the finer nuances of leveling the ramps so the cars could race down them - the gaps and the bumps would stop them.

He raised his little fist in the air and said "I KNOW WHAT CAN DO IT!"

We spent the next hour racing the monster trucks down our make-shift racing ramp! We laughed and giggled and had a fantastic afternoon of silliness! He loves things that go fast and he has no concern for logic or reason or the 'right' way to play. He only knows that makes him happy and what makes him mad.

I over heard him telling Max about the catfish. Funny he didn't think to tell Tsarina (our cat) about the catfish. Perhaps he thought the irony would be lost on her.

We had a simple supper - nachos loaded with lots of peppers and cheese. He had to help - when I said "No" he lost it and begged and cried at my feet to help me make dinner... Again, this is something I hope will carry forward!

I gave him a bath, we snuggled and he bugged me relentlessly. He told me that he just couldn't get enough of me. When I looked at his little face - his beautiful blue eyes and fluttery eyelashes, his cheeky smile and I see his personality sparkling in his face, I am amazed.

First day of playschool

He came from me. He is a part of me. He is the truest treasure I've ever known and I know if I had to live one second of my life without him in it, it would not be a life worth living.

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  1. Love the pictures of Troublemaker! I look at them and I see wonder and amazement shining through and this inspires me to keep on learning, keep on asking questions and seeking, always, the path to a life that is filled with the curiosity of a child.



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