Wednesday, September 21, 2011

We-Design-Day: Progress!

Well, at long last, our space is nearing completion. We are still in the dark and we haven't upgraded the power as needed, but I am starting the long journey of unpacking and rehousing all my stuff. This will probably be one of the toughest things I've done (short of packing up the room in the first place).

I have lots of stuff. So much so that I don't know half of what I have anymore. I've purged many things but there are lots of boxes and bins to go through and I have to get them to fit in a very small and confined space. Part of this fills me with anxiety - I love my craft stuff and the things I have parted with has been very difficult. Mostly because I keep seeing all these awesome craft ideas I want to do with the things I've parted with!

However, given my sister's incredible talent, I think the paint went to a very good home!


Design Tips Being an interior designer has taught me to be flexible and to often change things on the fly. Whether it's a new building, a gut and renovate or even a simple revamp, being flexible and having a willingness to compromise is essential.

It's ok to have a dream and to work towards it, but sometimes, design - as it happens in life - is subject to change.

the storage in the studio is a prime example. I need lots of storage. More correctly, in order to keep all the stuff I have, I need lots of storage. But I bought this unit from Ikea and I love it - but it doesn't work in the area I purchased it for... So, I decided (for the moment) to not finish the upper half of the salvaged cabinet (at this point - yes, honey, that means we have to find room for it in your garage).


I just love the way the Expedit unit looks on the refurbished unit! And this allows me room to put up my Bygel rails and a cork board!

I also got to work a bit on the office area. Above the rail, we are going to get a tack board and make a secondary family command centre. I want to gang the tables together and we so need a new chair!


Things are coming together and I'm excited to see it all fit... Assuming we get the lights done... ;) Thank you for stopping by and we'll see you again next week!

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