Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Currently... October 24, 2012

Brennan is currently...

Worrying... about bears, foxes and wolves getting into the house.
Listening... to the satellite radio station on the TV for Children (I'm amazed at how many voices he recognizes).
Wishing... for snow!
Observing... Science! We did a science experiment this week - freezing ice in various containers (at different levels) to observe what happens and work on understanding the three states of matter!
Considering... His dislike of mushrooms! I made a dish at dinner and there were itty bitty mushroom pieces (it was a casserole with mushroom soup), he, of course, got every single little one. He decided they were just kind of squishy and didn't taste like much!

Brennan's Mom is currently...

Worrying... about another back surgery, going back to work (and whether or not I can) and if the coconut cream pie container will wake Brennan when I go up to get a piece of pie!
Listening... to the satellite radio station for Children (because the remote is on the other side table and I'm lazy).
Wishing... for happiness - it's been a blue couple of days.
Observing... my son growing taller by the second and smarter by the millisecond!
Considering... Getting a pop and some pretzels!



  1. Coconut cream pie....yummmm! My stomach is actually growling while I read this!

    Thanks so much for the sweet comment you left me re: work/home balance. It really meant a lot.

    1. :) You are welcome - it is a tough job, this career mom thing, we need to band together and figure out how to have it all without losing it all (our marbles, primarily)!

  2. When you say satellite radio station for kids, do you mean XM/Serius or something else? I'm super disappointed that the Disney Station on XM no longer plays "kid music" but basically all tween pop and would love to find some sort of alternative!

    1. It's via our cable provider - it says 'Galaxy Kid's Music' - whether it's in any way related to XM/Serius, I don't know. They do play kids music - there has been the odd pop like song (usually from movies) but mostly it's all children's music!

      He likes it and it's nice to listen to music that I don't have to cringe when hearing the lyrics!



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