Monday, June 23, 2014

Forty by Forty (40x40): Day 21 - my closet

Today, in the world of the world's most boring 40x40 countdown, I decided to tackle my bedroom closet (my side of it). Fortunately, I knew what I was in for. Unfortunately, it wasn't the first time I'd completed this "organizing" task.

Over the past two years, things have "slid" around my house. Unable to do as much as I'd like and unmotivated to do what I can, "things" have just been put where there is a space. In attempt to control my clutter, I've been ridding our house of as many horizontal surfaces as possible. However, I'm SO good at amassing clutter, that I've found ways to be cluttered in vertical positions too.

I've also completely repurposed rooms in our house just so it can contain my clutter in an seemingly organized fashion (that's really a joke but the bed in the photo studio may tell otherwise)...

Want to see my shame?

And before anyone asks, the paper plates stuck to the walls are actually reading aids for TroubleMaker. We were reading by flashlight and he'd have to find the word on the wall. He moved out a month ago (to his own room) and I've not taken them down... As I mentioned, things have slid a lil' bit around here.

Over the years, I've blogged about getting organized a lot. Like a lot, a lot. I've done a couple (three?) different organizing challenges (52 Weeks & 29 Day) and it always goes well enough. I completely understand the process and I'm really good at it (check out this and this and this) but as time passes, my interest wanes and my stick-to-it-ness disappears and then I'm right back where I started.

'Cept this time, The Org Junkie (the guru of all things organized) isn't hosting an organizing challenge so I must go it alone (I'd use a Star Wars reference about Luke & Yoda but I really don't know anything about the movies).

First, I emptied everything out of the closet.

Then I went through everything. Happily, I purged several pairs of pants that had grown too big for me. I tossed out several pairs of dress pants that I've had for more than 10 years and haven't actually worn in at least 4 years. Then I rehung what I'd kept, washed a few items (again that haven't been worn but one must always have at least one pair of dress pants and a blouse or two). I cleaned out the five purses I own (I used to only have one purse - it did everything I needed it to do, then I discovered Grace Adele and now I own four purses, 5 clutches and two wallets). I then put my boot supports in my most awesome boots and folded all my purty sweaters.

Now it is done and I'm the happy owner of a very tidy closet.

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