Thursday, March 10, 2011

52 Weeks of Organizing: Week 10 - Our Dresser!

Wow - week 10! This week I was a little slow getting my organizing done but as my son played with his friend earlier this evening, I tackled another one of my infamous toppling towers...

Our dresser.

Now I should truly thank and probably point a finger at my husband for both putting up with the ever growing pile of stuff on our dresser and also to say "HEY! I didn't put that box of calendars on our dresser!" Or if I did, I probably forgot and I owe you a chocolate cake... :)


So yes, it is a mess. And yes, I am embarrassed by it but I suppose there is something to public shaming that motivate a person like me... I started wading through the pile of junk and wondered why I put the basket of bibs TroubleMaker quit wearing a year and a half ago on our dresser... And then I wondered if I'd dusted the dresser since last year... I must've right? I found my watch (it needs a battery), my other glasses, $0.25, a nose for Winnie The Pooh, a key and several dinosaurs. There were five story books, the Trudeau biography I started reading before Christmas, To Kill A Mocking Bird (I finished reading it for the 20th time in November) and the lotion that matches my perfume.

I dusted the dresser once I'd emptied it, made a trip to the garbage and the recylcing bag and the four other rooms to return stuff to it's proper place. I was a little (ok, a lot) surprised when I uploaded the 'finished' picture... Look at that wood shine!


I know, right? I wonder how long it will stay like that...

It got me thinking about the questions Laura posted on her site on Week 9...

Do you know what your “good enough” is?

Yes, I think I have an idea... I just want a tidy home that I can manage. I'm tired of being ruled by my possessions and I'm tired of having my 'things' take over my life and home.

Are there areas you are struggling with in this challenge

Yes - keeping the momentum going and I think the biggest thing is struggling with the 'things' I mentioned in question one. I love my stuff - it gives me comfort and security and status and parting with anything is like giving up a part of me. I've been working on parting with stuff and some stuff, I'm ok with... Others, it's like trying to give away a part of myself - especially when it comes to my craft stuff... I decided to give away a bunch of my craft stuff this weekend - no organizing involved, just simply parting with some of the things I've not touched in ten years...

For more super inspiring organizing goodness, check out everyone participating in the 52 Week challenge! Thank you for stopping by and visiting me!


  1. Your dresser looks beautiful! I too struggle with giving up some things, like I'm giving away a part of myself or my dreams anyway, when it comes to craft stuff.

  2. It has gotten easier to get rid of stuff, but not fabric!!! I have fabric that I had 20 years ago, but at least now there is a chance I will use! Your dresser looks beautiful. I started to backslide a little on my kitchen counters today, then went in and cleaned them up before DH got home. I am doing this for him too because he works so hard and he deserves a clean house to come home to.

  3. allysgrandma I hear you completely about fabric... That's one thing I just can't part with - ever... And although I have been able to control what I buy (I decided some time ago to not buy anymore until I used up some of what I have on hand) I cannot give my stash up!

    I really like the idea of clean surfaces and one day, I'll deal with the pile on the kitchen table - but not today!

    Thanks for popping in - I love reading your blog too and I love your quilts! One day, I'll learn... ;)



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