Wednesday, March 2, 2011

We-Design-Day: Moving into Phase Two

Photobucket This week, we're going to continue down the path of designing our space. Back at the start of this series, I introduced the Two Phase, Eight step approach I apply to my projects. Reviewing the first half of the process and the progress I've made helps me to ensure that I've covered all the important things I need to for this renovation project.

I was able to state my goal, gather more information and better assess our needs. This all allowed me to properly commit myself to this project (even if it is taking a little longer than I'd hoped). Being able to look back and review my plans has given me time to analyze and digest everything as well as allow me time to start figuring out what areas need the most focus and attention.

Can't find the right answers for your design problems? Sometimes the best solution for a problem is to take a step back and come back to it later.

One thing that became clear to me in my project was how the space will function for us and how the zoning will work for our family. One of the most important desired functions of this plan is open the space us so I can work and see TroubleMaker. The other key component is keeping my husband's equipment behind a closed door so it doesn't get bumped or knocked. Related to the first part is my need for storage (and organization) of my sewing and craft supplies (and my design studio, of course). But this whole idea working hinges on my keeping my area tidy, I will no longer be able to shut the door on my mess. My mess will be out in the open and I know that it cannot look like my studio currently looks (I joke with friends that you almost can't open the door - the funny part is, it isn't a joke).

As I move into the second phase, I need to keep those really important details in mind. So what is the next phase? The FUN phase - the looking through magazines, furniture showrooms, online catalogues, your friends homes, design TV shows, home renovation shows (both on TV and ones that come to your city) and the thousands of books written on the subject! If you are the creative type, you can sit somewhere cozy (it's snowing and 25 below here), sip tea and THINK... Or you can hire a professional to help you with this task. Now it is about finding the solutions to your design problem! You don't have to come up with just one - sometimes the best solution is a combination of different things or it's starting with "Plan A" and part way through realizing "Plan B" fits your style better. Look for inspiration anywhere and everywhere! You'll never know where you'll find inspiration.

This week, I'm going to sift through my design library, sip some tea and think, surf a little and look for inspiration so I can work towards my solution. Initially, I'm just going to pull together all the things I like - whether they will be 'right' for the solution or not - we'll refine later. Now it is about brainstorming, gathering ideas, creating ideas and compiling it all together.

Next week, we'll look at refining our solutions and creating a sample board that will showcase your design!


Benjamin Moore Paint chip photo courtesy of Blackstone Images

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