Sunday, March 27, 2011

TroubleMaker, sand and the dinosaur party

We survived. Five kids, 6 buckets of sand, one three dimensional dinosaur birthday cake, and let's not forget the Grandparent's Dinner...

It has been 48 hours of mayhem, confusion and non-stop movement (and that was just me)! And I loved and thrived on every minute of it... I've heard 12 balloons pop, 20 kg of sand dug through by shovels, rakes and brushes, cleaned up two spilled drinks and watched 16 napkins get soaked by just being in the wrong place. We've lost one icing coupler, a bit of our sanity and the dog (for just a few minutes). I now know the names of no less than 20 dinosaurs and I am learning to harmonize with our singing schnauzers (it's only taken 11 years to learn the key of Dog).

I know every store in Edmonton likely has nothing dinosaur related anymore (as I bought it all) and even if the extra special bones I ordered from the United States got tied up with Canada Customs, my dough art vertebrae looked real enough to gross out my dear friend as she dug dinosaurs with her daughter.

Three years ago this night, I did not sleep. I held my beautiful, perfect, sleeping baby all night and just stared at his face. And as I lay down to sleep with him in a few minutes, I know I'll spend just a few minutes more.

Happy 3rd birthday, Brennan. Thank you for making each day just a little more amazing.

Photobucket Three Days Old

Photobucket First Birthday

Photobucket Second Birthday

Photobucket Days before his third birthday

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