Thursday, April 14, 2011

52 Week Challenge: Week 15

Week 15 - I can't believe I've been at this challenge for 15 weeks. That's staying power! I'm mostly keeping on track - although this week, my planned challenge did not happen.

You see, it's April - the middle of April and one would think that by this point in the year, it would be safe to change the winter coats for spring coats and winter boots for rubber boots and runners. But Alberta is a tricky place. So, this week, my plan and goal was to clean out the front hall closet. I wanted to pack away the winter coats and bring out the spring wear. Change winter boots for rubber boots and bring out the sandals and runners and stow the mittens, toques and scarves. I wanted to organize the picnic gear and sort the extra things we store in closet (like facial tissue). I had a plan, I had a goal, I even had the motivation.

I went to work this morning, plan in mind for when I got home.

But then it started. And it's been more than 12 hours now and it still hasn't stopped.


I've lived here all my life and the only month I've not seen snow fall is July. April storms are not an unusual, 12 to 30 cm of snow is.


So my planned task didn't get done. However, I have planned a trip to my Mom's with my sister and our kids... And I thought wouldn't it be a nice surprise if I made my "Week 15 Task" an organizing task for my Mom? Since I started the challenge, she's been inspired and has started her own list! So, tomorrow, when we get to Mom's, I'm going to tackle something on her list! Check back tomorrow evening for my update!

Evening update... We arrived safely at my Mom's... I set out to organize something and her reply to me... "Well, that would be great but the only thing that needs organizing right now is my cluttered mind..." So, since I'm an Interior Designer and not a psychiatrist, I looked for another task. My talented (yet oddly annoying) sister said if I really wanted a challenge, I should come and organize her house. That is a job not even Laura could (or would want to) tackle...

So this, I tackled my wallet. Sounds simple enough until one realizes I hoard things in there too... Like all the cards marking my prenatal appointments. I was pregnant in 2007...


There were also some requisitions for blood work... So long ago, I can't remember where they were issued. Many, many receipts (dating back to 2008) and the typical things like gift cards, store point cards and my bank cards. Also OLD business cards (mine and others) and remnants of sticky notes with partial phone numbers.


After a brief discussion with my Mom about the age of my wallet, it was unanimously decided that tomorrow, I will be buying a new wallet. For my current wallet is likely 15 years old. Now that it's tidy and organized and purged of many of the pieces of paper, it will be a joy to move it all to a new and shiny wallet!


Laura also asked some questions this week and it seemed to be the week for organizing closets... So my plan for next week is the front hall closet - the snow can't last forever... Can it? And the one habit I've managed to build since starting the challenge is remembering to always try to put things back where they belong. And although I struggle with this, my three year old TroubleMaker handing my wrist watch to me on Wednesday and saying "Mommy! Put this away where it GOES!"

For more inspiration, check out Laura and all the great people participating in the 52 Week Challenge! Thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you again soon!


  1. That is so nice you are helping your mom! I wish my girls lived closer so they could help me.

  2. Thanks Allysgrandma! We are couple hours from our Mom but it's always worth the trip... Thanks for popping in this week!

  3. Hi there! Oh my gosh, I haven't cleaned out my wallet in ages. I didn't even THINK to add it to my 52 weeks list, but you're right... it's crazy to carry around all those old receipts and appt cards (and LOL about your 4 yr old prenatal appt cards!) Looks like I have a new item for week 53. Thanks!

    My mom has been inspired by my 52 Weeks journey too. She calls me every weekend to compare notes. It's awesome!

  4. Hi Iris! Thanks for popping in... My wallet is a continual source of frustration for me - it always seems to easily be bogged down by a load of receipts and junk so although it wasn`t originally on my list, it is certainly something I needed to get under control!



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