Wednesday, April 6, 2011

We-Design-Day: Decision Time!

Last week, I gave myself a deadline - to finalize the floor plan and to plan my colour scheme. I was successful - mostly. I also realized I was stressing about nothing. Furniture isn't fixed in place so even if my proposed layout doesn't work, it doesn't matter - I can move it! Although that may seem obvious to most, I realized I was creating a hurdle I couldn't get over with the path I was on. I'm expecting a level of perfection from this project because I'm sharing it. I want it to be perfect but as I thought about my colour scheme, I really became aware of the fact that I was aiming for a magazine show piece - not a comfortable family room. I'm about comfortable, flexible design that functions and pleases the users. I'm the user - and as much as I am opposed to reclining furniture, I know there is no comfort like my ugly, huge and very blue reclining chair. Furthermore, the sofa we will be using is green. Not a horrid green but it was purchased for the formal living room upstairs and coordinated with the room (and how I planned the room for the future - not thinking that I'd be moving it downstairs).

So, the basement is really a reflection of how my family uses the space. I've incorporated my sewing and design studio with a family workspace, lots of storage for my crafts and sample catalogues. I've worked in play space for TroubleMaker and storage of his toys and I even managed to squeeze in a music area! And, I realized today, that with some careful planning and incorporating the fiction library in the family workspace, we can have our much desired "games area" - complete with bar table AND stools! And it gets better, if you can believe it - this will also give us a gallery space for my husband's photography!


I’m still struggling with the storage solution but I have resolved myself to the necessity of parting with the small retail store I have grown over the past decade. I simply do not have the room to store everything I have. And as much as I have no desire to part with my things, there is no option. This makes me sad – because I have a little of everything and whenever I want to do a craft of just about any variety; I have most of it on hand. More upsetting is the money I’ve spent. But I also understand that so much of what I’ve accumulated over the years has a shelf life and I’m nearing the end of it with most things. I have an acrylic paint collection (I paint all sorts of things – ceramics, wood, use them for kids crafts, etc) but many of the bottles are starting to dry out. If I hang onto them, I will end up tossing them in the trash. By giving them away, at least they will get some use. And when I have more time to do some painting, I can get what I need.

Colour wise, I wish I could really use some great colours down here but the space is small and has no natural light. When we painted we were covering some very dark brown wood panelling so we used a light colour (it was excess paint from a previous home renovation) and I picked a coordinating sandy colour for the trim. It brightened the space considerably but it lacks flair. Since we’ve used the black-brown furniture from IKEA, I will continue that where I can and use a crisp white to coordinate with my sewing cabinetry. I may purchase or make slip covers for the existing furniture (my blue recliner definitely needs something).

Next week, I’m going to go through putting my sample/colour board together and I’ll document the process so that you can create your own board for your renovation! Thanks for reading and we’ll see you next week!

We-Design-Day Fun With Colour update: Last Wednesday at 11:59pm, the poll closed for the four colours I selected for Paul and Michelle’s feature wall. Can you guess which colour was most popular? Was it the one you voted for?

The colour with the most votes was “Rapture” – the fiery, earthy red! I think Paul actually gave an evil genius laugh when I released the results! I’ll be meeting with Paul and Michelle later this month and will post the update and their decision soon!


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