Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Dinosaurs vs People - who is smarter?

Please note, I am not a scientist, I am just an interested party who has a vested interest in this planet we call home... When I started my blog nearly two years ago, I'd decided "nice girls don't talk politics" - there are many out there who are far smarter, better informed and more well versed in certain topics than I am and therefore, I decided to not discuss certain things.

Which each passing day, however, I become more enraged at certain things and I just can't keep quiet. My vested interest in this planet is asking questions, probing me for answers I don't have and things I can't explain. I decided early on in my adulthood to be the kind of Mom who lived what I spoke and believed in what I said.
Columbia Ice Field

What has me up in arms tonight is a PBS programme on ice, Extreme Ice. Gigantic sheets of ice that span hundreds of miles and home 75% of the world's fresh water. Their majestic and unsurpassed beauty is breathtaking. And their rapid melt and decline is devastating.

I am embarrassed to admit that I know people - smart people - who don't believe global warming and as I sit and watch this programme, I keep thinking about the dinosaurs.


We've all heard the joke - if the ice age took millions of years, why didn't the dinosaurs run out of the way?

Today, we see the next age of the dinosaurs coming and we are doing nothing to stop it. The polar ice caps, glaciers and ice sheets are melting - rapidly - and the consequences are monumental and devastating. It will lead to the end of our civilization but the policy makers, consumers and world governments do nothing.

There is a problem and we all have to face the fact we are destroying our planet. I won't make jokes about the slow dinosaurs anymore - we can see it coming and even have brains ten time the size of a stegosaurus but we certainly don't use much of it!

Thanks for reading - I usually have my design feature on Wednesday's but it just wasn't happening this week!

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