Wednesday, June 12, 2013

My Deaf Dog

Max, my 13.5 year old standard schnauzer is deaf. Like deaf, deaf - not "I'm ignoring you." deaf.

As a pup, he wasn't particularly thrilled with thunder storms but as he aged, his once carefree demeanor transformed to raging beast during a storm. Wandering from window to window barking his head off - telling that thunder who was boss. The thunder, nor the schnauzer, ever really learned the lesson being taught by the other.

Last summer, right around Canada Day, we noticed his hearing wasn't quite as sharp as it used to be. It became clearer as the summer progressed as the nightly fireworks display put on by our major summer event didn't phase him (he also barked feverishly at fireworks noises). He did however, still keep my husband up at night growling and carrying on at the thunder.

It is currently booming and clapping thunder outside (we are under a tornado and severe thunderstorm warning) and he is completely, 100 per cent oblivious.

As much as I'm bothered by Max's advanced years, I'm pleased that we may all sleep better this summer. Although I think I will make him a sleep mask or let his eyebrows grow longer because I know he'll still see the lightening.


  1. My doggy boy hates storms too. Although he doesn't bark, he will wake me up with his pacing and panting and pawing. I think the worst of the storms may be missing me, but I hope you all are safe, as these are supposed to be pretty bad.

  2. It kind of ended up being the storm that wasn't... We had grape sized hail and some near torrential downpours but the big the risk of tornadoes - in my unqualified opinion - was pretty much nil. I lived here in 1987 when we had an F5 tornado and the weather leading up to it was nothing like it was today but I think "Black Friday" still has everyone very fearful and given the recent super storms seen across the US, it's better to be cautious then end up with lives lost. :(

    Thanks for thinking of us!



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