Thursday, June 27, 2013

Procrastination: Let me count the ways...

screen shot of the main floor
A week or two ago, I printed most of the manuscript I've written. I commenced editing it (I find it easier to edit it 'on paper' instead of electronically - guess that makes me "old school"). With all the edits done, I started the outline and character biographies (Stall No. 1). When that got tough, I started making the changes in the electronic document (Goal No. 1).

Then that got boring/tough/confusing so I decided, for continuity, I best make sure the house I'd described made sense. So I started designing the house (good thing my back ground is interior design and architecture). I even went so far as to draft it in AutoCAD. Seriously, who does that (me)? (Enter Stall No. 2...)

I printed said floor plan, laid out the studio and kitchen (two of the three main areas of the house spoken of often in the story - Stall No. 3)... Then, as the story moves up to the master suite, I decided I better get that on paper too, so I sketched out the second floor (Stall No. 4). I still have the third floor and back yard to figure out (Stall No. 5) because why should I stop there?

I decided that I will wait for the upper floors and the yard because I need to work out (Stall No. 6). Writing this story came as naturally and as easily as walking, eating and talking however editing this story is murderous!

I think part of the reason (I'm procrastinating) is because I am being asked by family and friends what the story is about and when they can read it. This is where I run into trouble! It's a very personal story as I interject much of myself and my life into the characters I write and this leaves me feeling extremely vulnerable. It's so much more than a story for me; it's a daydream, a wish, a secret longing. Sharing that with the first logical audience (family/friends) gives them a glimpse of who I am on the inside and that terrifies me!

No one wants to feel judged, let alone by the people you love most...

P.S. I decided to get rid of the 'formal dining' as it wasn't working for me.

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