Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Militant Baker - Body Love Conference

Lately, I've been reading a bunch of different blogs and one of my favourites is The Militant Baker. She is seriously a whole new kind of awesome and I'm so glad I found her blog. She's starting a campaign - a real campaign - for body love. Teaching women and the world to love the person they are, regardless of the wrapping paper. She took on A&F (spit!) - check that amazing and beautiful campaign here

The Militant BakerJes is the change, I don't know if she knows that, but for me, her movement has started to change the way I look in the mirror. She's done more for me in a few short months than Dove's Campaign for "real beauty" has done over the years with their multi-million dollar advertising budget.

I like me and I don't mind my wrapping paper and I would seriously love to be able to make it to Tuscon for the conference in April 2014 (and I might) but we need to get this thing off the ground. This is where I think places like "Kickstarter" could be used in an amazing way.

A good friend of mine pointed out after I shared a Zach Braff Kickstarter campaign, that he has money and resources to fund making his movie - people like Jes and the proletariat - don't (necessarily) have the resources to pull together important work like this.

This is where we come in! She has less than 23 days to get another $6300 in funding together to ensure the conference can go ahead. And it needs to.

Check out the video she's shared and then please, give a little to help out! Our daughters need this, our mothers need this, we need this. Our sons need this.

The Body Love Conference

I'm excited and will be sharing this lots - because it's too important to not support! Want to jump right in and support this amazing conference? CLICK HERE PLEASE!

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  1. I can't watch video right now, but I am heading over to check this out right now. :)



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