Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The (weather) Diversity of a Nation

Given we just celebrated Canada's 146 birthday yesterday (July, 1), I thought it fitting to share the following tidbits of information.

Presently, in Edmonton, where I live, it is +33 C.
Edmonton downtown skyline

We also have a humidex advisory in place
(present humidex is +41). This is only the fourth such advisory ever issued for this region in the history of record keeping (since 1888).

Clyde River (non snowy times)

In Clyde River, Nunavut, they have a heavy snow fall warning in place and are expecting upwards of 25cm of snow (which, for my non metric friends, is about 10").

Normal Wells town site

In Norman Wells, North West Territories, there is a heavy rainfall warning in effect and up to 80mm of rain is expected to fall over the next 36 hours.

Corner Brook, Newfoundland is under a frost warning tonight (meaning temperatures will drop below zero degrees Celsius). Cover your tomatoes!
Corner Brook in the fall

Canada is a nation of many diversities; geography being only one of them!

All pictures courtesy of Wikipedia. Yes, even the Edmonton one - it's too hot to go outside and snap pictures!


  1. Corner Brook is beautiful. I have always told myself if I got enough money to travel I would go see Alaska, but maybe I should put Canada on that list too.

  2. Canada has some pretty diverse country side and is worth seeing. I'd love to travel the States more (the East coast of the USA is my 'dream' (especially in the fall)). Maybe one day?

    If you're ever in Alberta, I'll volunteer to play tour guide!



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