Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A memory from 1988

This post is about nothing but a memory. I couldn't think of anything clever for a title.

While putting my short guy to bed, I remembered something from junior high. Like when I was in grade eight, junior high. That's a very long time ago (math was never my strong suit, as my memory will kind of reveal).

When I was in junior high, I wrote and edited our school newspaper. I actually even won an award for it (likely my only 'academic' award until I won a scholarship and bursary for academic performance during college). My Mom made a big deal about the award ceremony and insisted I go (only 'geeks' went to awards night - I may have written for the paper but I was not in any way a geek). None the less, we went.

But that's not what my memory is about. Not at all, although it is newspaper related.

For filler, I wrote a review column. After seeing the new Robin Williams movie (sometime in October of that year), I reviewed and rated it for that weeks edition. I remember rating it really high - it was really good - and I remember writing something to the effect of "when Robin Williams is left to his own, he shines brilliantly." Although I don't remember if my 'star' rating was out of five or ten, I do know I gave it one number down (so either a 4/5 or a 9/10).

The day or so after the edition was released, two boys -both in grade 9 and both of whom, I thought were quite cute, stopped me in the hallway.

"Why," they both asked in unison, "did you only give it 9 stars?"

Blushing and not being particularly quick on my feet, I could only give the most truthful (and humiliating for an 8th grade girl to give a 9th grade boy) answer.

"Because I had an extra large pop and I had to really go pee and the movie just wouldn't end!"

And that's the memory I uncovered tonight.

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