Monday, October 21, 2013

Get out and VOTE! Civic Elections 2013

I'm passionate about politics and especially passionate about my right to vote. I've done my "go vote" thing on Facebook and I'm further encouraging my friends and family by writing this!

Today is Civic Election Day across my province. I voted. In fact, I was the 10th person to vote at my polling station this morning. As we got ready to take TroubleMaker to school, I explained that we were voting after dropped him off - that's why were driving to school. Being the inquisitive kid he is, he asked why?

Which brought out my inner suffragette.

"Did you know that less than 100 years ago, Mommy wouldn't have been allowed to vote in any election?" I said, making grand gestures (I'm part French, we talk with our hands).  "Also, when my Grandma was your age, he Mom couldn't vote either!" I said again, swooping my arm for effect.

"Why not?" he asked.

"Because women weren't considered 'persons'!"

"What does that mean?" he questioned.

"It means that women weren't considered to be people like you and your daddy are." I smiled.

I think he found this most perplexing - of course I'm a "person" like he is! Of course I should have the right to vote, like he can (or will, when he turns 18)! 

Want to know what is alarming? 

Edmonton, my city of residence, has about 619, 138 eligible voters across 12 wards (districts). In our last civic election, only 199, 359 people voted. That means only 33% of eligible voters exercised their right!

What!? Only one third of the people who could vote, did? How is that even possible? How could people be that apathetic? Especially women! 

Listen folks, I know about voter apathy. I don't like our member of parliament and every election since moving to this riding, I go out and vote. And every time, he gets reelected. By a landslide majority. My vote truly does not count. At all. But I vote - because I can, because the women who came before me who fought relentlessly so I had the right!

So what are you doing today? Did you vote? Do you vote - even if you know your vote won't "really" count towards the change you'd like to see? Do you believe that not voting speaks more loudly?

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