Tuesday, October 15, 2013

"We're going to end up on her blog!"

Today I had the play and coffee date with one of TroubleMaker's school mates. It went well. The Mom invited another friend over (because, as she said, "I've been telling her all about you!" so she thought we just had to meet) so it was a houseful and we had a very good visit.

At one point, the Mom asked what I did to stay sane. I said I wrote. Stories and blogging, mostly.

And that's when it got awkward.

Because they asked if I was a "big blogger" (meaning one that actually makes money from blogging - her husband knows someone who makes a small fortune blogging). Naturally, I lied and said "Why of course!" I don't think they believed me.

Haha - no, I'm just kidding. Of course I said I wasn't - I said I wrote mostly for myself and to impart my vast, unending knowledge (haha - I'm HILARIOUS).

Where was I?

Oh yes. It was awkward because they then implied everything they said/did, would end up on the blog.

Like when they gave the kids an entire box of Hallowe'en Oreos... Or let the kids go dance out front with a cell phone filled with an eclectic mix of music that ranged from Pink to gospel (she was worried about the Pink music with the "swear" bombs)...

It was a pretty awesome afternoon because they were my kind of people. Non-judgmental (because we always said "No judgment" before gossiping), coffee drinking, one too many pumpkin muffins eating, don't let the kid's eat stuff they find in the street, kind of parents.

I'm a little awkward when I first meet people so I hope I get invited back. I made kick-ass muffins and didn't swear too much and drank two big cups of coffee. I also brought cookies (pumpkin chocolate chip) because life is always better with chocolate.


  1. I usually say I blog about my farm, which prevents the whole fear up ending up on my blog thing from happening to people. Although I have been asked by a few people why I don't blog about work. Which to me should be self evident (becasue I want to keep my job.)

    1. I didn't actually tell them at all what I blog about - they assumed it must be one of those comedic, irreverent "mommy blogs" because am very funny in person: witty and ironic - this must be what led them to their conclusion.



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