Sunday, May 23, 2010

Menu Plan Monday - fourth edition

Well… This week was a new experience! I started my new job and as you know, I planned simple, quick meals. Using the transit system actually allowed me more time at home than ever before and we were able to have dinner every night by 5:30pm. Yeah for us! That meant more time for playing and visiting and connecting as family!

Unfortunately, my barbeque menu plans have been pretty much rained out so we’ve rearranged a few meals and even ended up having an impromptu Saturday Night Pizza Party! I wish every Saturday night could be a pizza party but then it wouldn’t be special, would it? This time, we ordered in pizza and it is always a huge disappointment but the eating in front of the TV and watching movies (in our case a kid’s DVD) is always lots of fun and TroubleMaker only had one spill!

This week’s menu is a good one. I’m looking forward to trying a make-at-home taco salad with a yummy ‘homemade’ taco seasoning recipe and fresh made salsa. I’m on the fence about Monday’s dinner because the rain has delayed all our plans this weekend if it is nice tomorrow, I’m not sure I want to spend any of the day inside prepping the easy and yummy salad – I’d rather just come in at dinner time and cook a quickie meal.

Here is the week at a glance! Underlined recipes are available for download in PDF format below!

Monday: BBQ Steak with Creamy Primavera Tortellini Salad
Tuesday: Taco Salad with Homemade Taco Seasoning
Wednesday: Chicken burgers with coleslaw
Thursday: KD & Fish sticks
Friday: Chili & buns
Saturday: Easy Hot Wings, veggies n' dip
Sunday: Stir fry veggies with my fried rice

On tap for breakfasts this week:
Bacon & Eggs
English muffins with cheese
Jam toast
Scrambled Eggs
PB Toast

And lunches:
Crackers & cheese
Leftover pasta salad
PB Sandwiches
Yogurt with cereal bars

Find more great menu planning ideas at the Org Junkie’s Menu Plan Mondays!

BD MPM Recipes May 24 to 30


  1. Sounds tasty- those easy hot wings are intriguing to me. Hubby and I are both wing lovers, but it's one thing I've never attempted to make myself...

  2. Jessie... The wings are major easy! Dump them in a frying pan, add the sauce and cook. They taste great and couldn't be more easy (and fast)!

    Thanks to all for the feedback! Enjoy!



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