Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Toppling Tower

Although I had great intentions of finishing my spice cupboard this morning, I realized that I hadn’t properly planned the building of my spice rack and as I stared at the pile of found things to create from, my hubby chimed in with his ideas. So I shelved the plans and decided to tackle something else, something smaller – something I could get cleaned an organized in a morning.

I’ve had plans in the work for our back door closet for nearly the entire six years we’ve lived here. It’s a nice back entry – huge window above the door for natural light and open closet. Over the years, things just get stacked on the shelf… Higher and higher and higher! We pull from the bottom of the pile and stack all the things that fall that we don’t want back on top, it’s a great system, really, but I felt it was lacking…

Back Closet BEFORE

As hubby went out to get the gardening supplies we needed for later in the day, TroubleMaker and I tackled the closet. It started easily enough – taking out all the winter coats. It’s May 1 and although severe spring storms are not unheard of in May, they generally don’t happen until the May long weekend so for the next three weeks, I won’t need any of the winter wear. Next, empty the shelf… So I take TroubleMaker off the step ladder and up I go. And down I go. And up. And down. And up. And down.

Seven pairs of gloves for hubby, six toques for TroubleMaker. Did I mention that hubby only has two hands and TroubleMaker only has one head? As I piled the toques on the floor, TroubleMaker found it necessary to take off his ball cap and try on each toque.


I also found: Three rocks. A ticket stub to a university hockey game. An sticky note grocery list. Two throat lozenges. Six tennis balls. Seventeen mini dog biscuits. Suntan lotion, bug spray and three different bottles of bubbles. As I tossed, TroubleMaker found two pennies. So off the ladder I came again so we could put the found coins in his piggy banks.

Exploring the loot

Now it was empty. And dirty. So after a wash I realized that the mini shelf we have (to hang the dog leashes from) was dirty as was the key rack. So then I organized the key rack. We had eight unidentifiable keys.

With everything sparkling clean, I started organizing the stuff. I found three Ikea storage bins we’d used to organize kids toys (as he’s grown, so have his toys). I quickly filled those and then discovered two empty bins from TroubleMaker’s “Mega Bloks”! Score – more organizational tools and they are free! I then dug out the label maker we borrowed oh-so-many-weeks ago from my parents. “Hubby’s Winter Wear” I typed and clicked print. It ran out of labels. Oh well, I’ll remember, I hope!

Back closet AFTER

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