Thursday, May 20, 2010

Snip-it #1 - SUCCESS!

I went home last night and almost forgot about my commitment to clean out one cabinet... As I stood talking to my husband, in front of the stove, I remembered my plight. I grabbed a chair and up I went... And up came TroubleMaker - he wanted to help!

We dumped the following open liquor down the drain (sorry fishes, I hope you can swim straight):
1- 1/4 full "Mickey" of white rum
1- 1/2 full "26er" of amber rum
1- 1/2 full "Mickey" of Brandy (why we had brandy, neither of us could recall)
1- 1/2 full bottle of Triple Sec
1- 1/4 full bottle of Grand Marnier
1- 1/4 full bottle of Kahlua
1- 1/4 full bottle of Bailey's Irish Cream

We kept three closed bottles of liquor. I'm not sure when we'll ever drink them but the cupboard is clean, organized and tidy! Wednesday's "Snip-it" was a success!

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