Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Countdown: Day 11 - Handmade Cards!

Christmas cards... I remember the front door of our home being covered in Christmas cards - each card was taped to the door as it arrived. It's a tradition I've continued in our house... But as we become more environmentally aware, the number of cards we receive are less and less. It's ok with me (as I even decided to not bother stressing out about doing cards this year) but I like the idea of making my own cards. So TroubleMaker and I have been doing just that! He loves stickers, cutting up bits of paper and lots of glue! Making cards for his friends and practicing his letter B's has filled many evenings recently (since the studio is at 95%)!

A while back I purchased a BIG book of 12x12 Christmas scrapbook paper and we've been using pages and pages of it. I will admit, i used to be of the mindset "buy it and save it!", however, I've recently come to realize that there is very little point in keeping things to use one day... Today is as good a day as any to use up the stores of craft supplies I have!

I like dimension - I think using texture and volume help add dynamic interest and so I employed some simple paper folding to create the pointsetta.

I wanted to make another card but something light and fun. Penguins, the Christmas icons that shouldn't be, are TroubleMaker's favourite and I can't wait for him to see this card (I made it after he went to bed). I think I'll tuck it in his backpack when he goes for his sleepover with his Gran later this week!

Paper + glue + laughter = a fabulous Christmas activity! Thanks for stopping by today - hope to see you again tomorrow!

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