Sunday, December 4, 2011

MPM: Quick and Easy Week

This past week, I did a lot of juggling, shifting and rewriting my menu. I get asked often what if I don't feel like having what's on the menu on the given night... This weekend was a prime example... I don't think we ate anything I'd planned! And as I was laying out my menu for this week, I jigged our weekend menu too! For Sunday, which I'd declared "Pasta" column as per this post, I knew I wanted ravioli.

My husband did our shopping this week and he brought home spinach and cheese - which inspired me to create!

Spinach & Cheese Ravioli with Marinara and Bechamel Sauce
Image courtesy of Blackstone Images

It was fabulous! My husband loved it and the boys (ours and the kid next door) liked it too (even if they teased me that is "smelled" bad). I served it with Jumbo Cheddar Jalapeno Rolls.

This week, not a lot of creating going on but with the countdown to Christmas, I'm trying to maintain easy and quick meals so we've got more time after dinner to spend as a family!

December 5 to 11
Monday Chicken Salad Sandwiches & Soup
Tuesday KD & Fishsticks
Wednesday -
Thursday Pork Lo Mein
Friday Beef Stroganoff
Saturday Wings & Fritters
Sunday -

Thanks for stopping in and I'm linking up this week with the Org Junkie!

PS My Bechamel Sauce is the standard white sauce I use as the foundation for my Grandmother's homemade Mac & Cheese - but I half the flour and butter. Generally, I make a simple tomato sauce with lots of veggies, but yesterday, I just opened a jar!

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