Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Last NaBloPoMa & The First Day of the Holiday Season!

Well, it's been 30 blog posts in 30 days - I wrote every single day - without fail! And only one was technically published late and that was 100% due to Blogger being down last night!

I am proud of my accomplishments - writing everyday and using my writing muscle was incredible! What's the thing about habits? Takes 21 days to build a habit - I wonder if I'll want to keep writing every day... We'll have to see but certainly as our holiday preparations take flight, I'll have lots to write about!

Today, my son was sick - three illnesses in three weeks - but it did give me time to do a bit extra around the house! Like decorate our tree! Although I put it up a few days ago, I'd not sorted through my decorations (which was on my 52 Weeks or Organizing task list, which I can now cross off AND post a successful article to the Org Junkie on Friday). Although our tree has always been an eclectic mix, this year, I started working on a theme - a Nutcracker Christmas! It's early days and having a three and a half year old helping certainly made it interesting!
I also finalized my plans for TroubleMaker's Christmas Countdown calendar! Here is a sneak peak of it and how I've set it up. My husband was the voice of reason - he suggested we not "pre-load" all the trees as TroubleMaker's curiosity and love of candy would likely have all the cones emptied by Day Three! I'm so excited to start this tradition with him tomorrow!

But like all good little kiddies, I need to find my pillow! Thanks for dropping in - NaBloPoMa has been a fantastic event and has allowed me to read many new blogs and share in the excitement and fun and I hope you've enjoyed me too!

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