Friday, November 18, 2011

The Week that Would Not End

Last Sunday night, I made a comment on Facebook - something to the effect that if someone had seen my weekend, could they please tell it to come back as I had missed it... I think that was the "jinx" for my entire week. Typically, I am not superstitious. I used to be really superstitious and then I kind of (for lack of a better term) outgrew it. But I am beginning to think sometimes, it is possible for me do jinx myself!

Sunday evening, after making the status update, TroubleMaker started running a fever. We had a bit of a night and woke up in the morning to a crabby, feverish little boy. I stayed home and took care of him - treating the fever and snuggling my baby boy all day. Tuesday was a repeat of Monday. By Wednesday morning, his fever had broken but his throat was still sore. I was going to go to work but then my husband got very ill suddenly and I packed in my going to work day as I knew my honey wasn't in any shape to care for an on the mend little boy!

Thursday morning, it would seem things aligned and I got back into the office. The fires at work had been cooled by a super awesome guy I work with and I could catch up, get my breath and get back on track. By home time, I was getting my head together.

But as I waited for the bus, I started seeing flashes of light and jagged black lines across my eye. As I put TroubleMaker to bed, I was seeing flashing lights. Shortly thereafter, my vision started to cloud. Friday, between meetings and fire dousing, I was trying to get in to see an eye doctor. As my ophthalmologist is out of the country until December and he had no relief in place, I started calling random ones out of the phone book.

As it turns out, most of them don't work Friday's! After calling the regional eye clinic at a local hospital, the suggestion was to try and get into a walk-in clinic and get an emergency referral or go sit and wait 10+ hours in an emergency department...

So after my 2:30, I went to the clinic on Campus... The doctor gave me grief: "why did you wait until 4pm on a Friday for this!" he asked. My pathetic reply was "meetings". With good humour he called the on-call ophthalmologist at the hospital and long story short, if my site deteriorates, I'm to go straight to emergency, if it holds, I have an 8am with the specialist on Monday.

I was very happy to see my bus home tonight and I'm glad to be putting this week to bed!

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