Sunday, November 6, 2011

Two Burned Fingers and other tales of fun

It is Sunday afternoon and I'm sitting with my feet up, relaxing and nursing two burned fingers... Which, I might add, makes it a little awkward to type! My weekend has been incredibly productive and although I didn't think I'd make it through everything, I have nearly completed all that I set out to do on Friday night.

This isn't something that happens to me - I usually set out a whole list of plans and get half way through it before collapsing in a worn out heap, disheartened and disappointed that I didn't get through my "to do" list. But today, I am victorious!

I baked up a storm and because my son's internal clock didn't realize it was daylight's savings and because I forgot it was going to be daylight savings and I put him to bed half and hour earlier than normal meant we've been up since 5am.

yes. I said 5am. It was like a cruel joke. i tried convincing TroubleMaker that it was the middle of the night but he was HUNGRY! Then he heard his Dad get up and that was it... We were all awake!

He got up and ate a bowl of Rice Krispies and I started making the icing to decorate the cookies. By 7am, we'd iced polar bears and stars and packaged them up and then we got breakfast underway! By 9 am, I felt like I'd worked half a day, I was so accomplished!

Then I got to work on the Christmas in a Box decorating package and that's where it all began to fall apart... Nothing I put together looked right and things didn't fit the way I had envisioned. After seeking my husband's input, he suggested we go back to Michael's and pick up a couple of extra things - things I'd discounted because of the cost.

An hour later, I was armed and it all went together in just under two hours! I spent three plus hours in the morning trying to get it to work with no avail, and suddenly, it all fit together like a perfect fit puzzle! In getting together, I burned my fingers - after repeatedly telling TroubleMaker to be extra careful because the hot glue gun is indeed extremely hot - I went to secure a pine cone to the swag and CONTACT! I called to my wonderful son (who was in the bathroom washing his face and hair and hands and the bathroom) and he happened to have a icy cold face cloth he ran to my side.

The damage was done and I now have two blisters on my fingers but my package (save for the "box") is complete! And it looks great - I'm so excited! I'll have pictures soon, I promise!

So I'm positioned now to be absolutely, comfortably, 100% ready for the fundraiser! And it's an amazing feeling.

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