Saturday, November 19, 2011

Snap, Batman! It's November 19!

Today I am tired. I didn't wake up tired, but a trip for snow pants and a frying pan, some more things at Michael's and the weekly grocery shop wore me out!

During all my planning and shopping I realized I have forgotten about Christmas... I'm all excited to be getting ready for Christmas and to be crafting and planning and baking... But the "Christmas" thing kind of got lost on me!

What am I talking about? Well, presents of course!

As a family, we don't exchange many gifts... The kids "under 16" get gifts, over 16 participate in the "adult exchange". We don't buy for our friends - save for the little boy next door and a couple of other little children but I realized that it's nearing the end of November and I have yet to even make a list...

I very much dislike the consumerism the holiday season brings about. The endless TV ads trying to sell everything to children and the other ads that make you feel like you've done nothing of value for your loved ones if you don't spend hundreds of dollars on the latest gadget. It's all 'gimme, gimme'! And unfortunately, my baby isn't immune either. Although we try to limit his exposure, I know we can't shelter him from everything and he is influenced by things outside of our home now too (his school mates, the babysitter's house, his cousins and friends).

We are working towards trying to incorporate practices and activities that reinforce the things our family values as being 'important'... giving back to our community, sharing with our fellow human beings, taking part in charitable work, giving of our time and love.

Presents can be non-materialistic in nature is one thing we keep trying to introduce to him but we are continually met with resistance... I'm not sure how we will get past that one, but try we will!

What traditions do you have that you do year after year - or hope to keep doing?

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