Wednesday, November 2, 2011

NaBloPoMa & We-Design-Day: Tricks of the Trade

Working in the field I do, I'm lucky to happen upon some things that make life easier! I'm able to get tips from industry professionals, ask questions of the various building trades and best of all, I get to practice on someone elses "stuff"!

Recently, I came upon the most genius of inventions.

After spending an afternoon trying to figure out how to hang my surface mounted fluorescent light fixtures to my newly suspended t-bar ceiling grid, when I went back to work Monday, I posed the question to the amazing people I work with. And I received the answer!

Caddy Clips! Technically, they are Caddy "Twist On" Fixture supports, and they make hanging lights to a suspended ceiling a breeze!

It is as simple as unscrewing the two pieces, clipping the support piece on the t-bar and then positioning your light and screwing on the butterfly nut! It took me less than five minutes to install the lights. Five minutes, my friends... FIVE MINUTES! It was and is a marvel of engineering.

They are available online for sale and are completely worth the effort to get. I can assure you they are simple, easy and far cheaper than the usual light installation techniques.

Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to sharing some more tricks of the trade in the coming weeks!

PS I'm excited to share this with you and have it be my second post for the NaBloPoMa event!

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