Friday, November 25, 2011

Take a deep breath and de-stress!

I am on my way to work - today is exactly one month until Christmas! I've got lots to do between now and then but most importantly, I want to spend as much time with TroubleMaker and making crafts as possible.

I have a difficult time managing my expectations; I set high standards for myself and others and that often leads me right down a path of disappointment. When I set out to do something, I know what is required and with that knowledge I try to lead others. All to often I am met with resistance or even revolt. Revolt in the sense that my requests are ignored or done to a lesser quality than I set out. This leaves me disappointed and upset every single time.

Over the years, I've learned to understand that I cannot expect the same level from others. I often joke that I've lowered my expectations of others so that the disappoint me, I joke but I am all too serious when I say it. It sounds cruel and snotty but I have found that I really can't expect a lot from others and that's okay! I have a way of doing things and naturally, because they are important to me, I strive to excel. Others have their own way and they apply their own value to the task.

Learning that was liberating for me. Understanding that it was pivotal! I know this may seem an odd thing to write about but better learning to manage my expectations worked to relieve much of the stress the holiday season! I know longer search for the "perfect" anything - the presents, the trimmings and even my Chrtismas decorating doesn't have the same meaning. I feel that by lowering my expectations I've come accept life as it generally unfolds instead of trying to fold it to my will.

This doesn't mean I've stopped placing high expectations on myself or that I've stopped hoping for the world to come my way. I've got ridiculous "to do" lists and with the advent of "pinterest". I've come to see a whole world of people just like me with my same reality.

There is a silly cliche - shoot for the moon for you never know when you'll land amongst the stars- I like this because it is kind and remembers that sometimes, success is just in trying.

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