Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Holiday Traditions

As a child, my family had traditions like many others families. Our tree went up a week before Christmas, Santa always wrapped our presents, and we were allowed to open one present on Christmas eve. Years passed and the traditions changed. People came and went but a few constants were always in place. My grandmother's fresh buns, torterierre and hanging our stockings on New Year's eve are ever present in my family.

As I approach another Christmas and my son's fourth Christmas, I'm becoming keenly aware of my burning need to create traditions and memories. We've adapted the stocking tradition - TroubleMaker hangs one on Christmas Eve (as was his father's tradition) and on New Year's Eve - the change has been that the New Year's stocking is filled by the Nutcracker instead of the Angel or Baby Jesus as was my father's family tradition.

I've got a list of activities planned for the entire month - kind of an alternate take on an Advent calendar. We'll be baking together - an annual family tradition my sister, mother and I started over 10 years ago (we're still working on the date - but you can read more about our Bake-A-thon's, if you'd like!). Candy Cane Lane is a big deal here too and I know we want to take him out to look at Christmas lights. The past two years, we've built a gingerbread house and will do so again this year. He helps trim the tree and this year, we are having a "light the house" night!

My husband told me on our first date that I didn't have to experience the world in just one night - we'd have a lifetime together - and that is true but I still have a need to make my son's young moments create a foundation of strength. Thanks for stopping in - I'd love to hear about your traditions and the things you feel make the season special!

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