Friday, November 4, 2011

NaBloPoMa: Under Pressure

Commitment. It is an evil word and one that I tend to over do. How about you?

My issue is time. There just isn't enough of it in a day. I need more hours, less work (well, my paid-for work), and likely better organization skill. I have a constant running mental inventory of things that I need to get done. My mental "to do" list.

The fact is, I think I am far more capable than I am. Perhaps that is the wrong way to phrase that... But my cluttered head is not putting the words together so I'll give an example of it instead.

I have ten things to do this weekend:
bake: pepparkaka, ginger sparklers, shortbread, a pie and two apple crisps
make: create a $100 "Christmas in a Box" home decorating package
prepare: pizza, a menu plan
help: my husband de-decorate from Halloween and hang up our exterior Christmas lights

To me, right now, this list seems completely reasonable... However, having been down this road last weekend with all the preparations for the Halloween party, I know something will not get done. Likely a few things will not get done. I do not have the luxury of not completing the first two (bake and make). Those are promised commitments for TroubleMaker's playschool fundraisers.

Sunday night, I'll be upset and lamenting how much I didn't get finished that I want too but I'll be powerless to get a Mulligan on the weekend.

So what is the answer? I don't know. It's my style to try and get lots done in a limited amount of time. I rarely succeed but I can't stop planning everything the same way! Weekend after weekend, I fill my calender with unmanageable tasks and every Monday, I'm faced with the reality that I didn't accomplish everything I'd set out to do.

I wonder what the answer is - I hope I find it soon... You should see the list I've set for myself to get ready so I can start "new" in 2012 and stop setting myself up for failure!

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