Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas Countdown: Day 7 - Simple and pretty decorating!

Welcome! Today I'm excited to be sharing with you a simple, elegant decorating idea that you can put together in an afternoon and for under $20 - less if you've got a stash of Christmas and craft stuff like me. In years previous, I've decorated our main floor as well as our family area in the garden level, however, because we are building the photo studio on the main floor, I no longer had space for the second tree and with TroubleMaker's toys being relocated to his new "play area", I could no longer decorate the banister (as seen below).

I was okay with the idea of not decorating anything on the main floor but as Christmas is approaching and knowing we will be spending lots of time in the kitchen, I had a change of heart. It's now a week until Christmas day and I have no desire to venture anywhere near a store so what could I do that would be quick, simple and tasteful? Why not at a little greenery and some visual interest in what tends to be the focal point of my kitchen? Sounds great!

The pine garland I had on hand (as I stockpiled a few of them a couple years ago) but I know they are on sale at our local big box craft store for around $4. The ornaments are ones I also had on hand - some were purchased to be used as decor (50 balls for $9.99) and the others were purchased to replace some of the really old ones we have on our tree (again, 50 ornaments for $18.99) but for this craft, you could borrow a couple from your tree! The ribbon - on hand again, but seriously, after a little shopping around this year. You cannot beat Costco for ribbon... Fifty yards for $8! I just about fell over when I saw it... I also had to stop myself from buying one of every style they had! A few floral picks (or, if you'd rather and have a pine tree handy, some pine cones) and you're set!

We screwed a few eyelet screws into the cabinetry and away we went! I wanted something simple and visually appealing. The colours work well with the warm pine and cherry woods used in our cabinetry. I would love to use "fresh" cedar boughs however, we had to hack our cedars back in the fall so I didn't have the heart to butcher them anymore for a little craft like this! The ornaments are shiny without being too bright and I hung them high enough that neither my husband or I will bonk our heads on them! It also breaks up the horrible white blind that hangs over our kitchen sink (it is on the 'Must go in 2012' list).

I am thinking of adding a bit more upstairs but I promised my lovely husband I wasn't going to go "overboard"... So how about adding a little bit of Christmas to your kitchen? What kind of space do you have and could you add just a touch of festive to it? Thanks for stopping by and come back tomorrow as we get into the last six days of our countdown!

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