Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Countdown: Day 6 - Mantle or entryway decor!

I do not have a mantle and neither do I have a formal entrance way but I do have a cedar chest that I like to dress up and although this year, I've got TroubleMaker's Countdown calendar housed there, I'm thinking today's feature might look very nice sitting at the foot of the unit... For this quick and easy craft, you'll need a few things... Ribbon, craft glass blocks, some sparkly netting and lights. Please note, if you are using lights inside the glass block, please ensure that you use LED's. I started off planning to do this for a demo with the incandescent mini lights pictured but I changed my mind as I started to work!

I started with removing the netting from the package. The studio is now covered with sparkles so be prepared for a mess... I cut it in half and stuffed it inside the glass bock.

I then made a simple bow - I took a length of ribbon (about 1 metre) and looped it round and round. I then took another piece and tied it around the centre. I fanned it out and fluffed the loops and viola! Easy, easy bow! I hot glued it to the block. I made two but I decided it was a lot of block and no colour. To add some interest and colour, I decided to put a couple of large balls in a cylinder and layered in a few jingle bells.

Thanks for stopping by today - we're on the homestretch now! Come back tomorrow for some yummy baked treats!

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