Saturday, May 12, 2012

I love you Mama, you are the best...

"I love you Mama, you are the best!
You cut up snacks and made me a vest."

TroubleMaker sang me a song at bed time tonight. It's a "thing" we do. Sometimes I sing to him.

"Angel sprite, angel sprite, light so bright my angel sprite!" (sang to Greensleeves)

Then there is the "Black and Grey song"... Technically, it's "Amazing Grace" but that names seems to evade him so he made up his own title and it works for us.

"Hush, little baby" and "Go to sleep, little baby" are part of our regular repertoire too but more frequently, he and I both make up little ditties to sing to one another. Sometimes they make sense, more often, they do not. What they do is comfort, cheer and warm our hearts. It brings us close and sometimes, they make us laugh.

Last night, for example, he tried to rhyme "apples" with "snuggles". It sounded so very cute, in seconds, I was laughing so hard, tears were rolling down my cheeks. It delayed bedtime substantially I am hopeful it's moments like these that we will both remember with fondness.

Happy Mother's day - the greatest gift, for me, is my beautiful son. He is my sun, my star and my moon. I love you, Brennan. Now, always and forever.

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