Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Menu Plan Monday (On Tuesday)

This week kind of got away on me... But we still need to eat and having take-out three of the past four nights is just more than I can handle... My honey has graciously agreed to do the shopping tomorrow so I'm pulling it together tonight!

Wednesday: Homemade sub sandwiches
Thursday:  Pancakes & bacon
Friday: Quasadillas
Saturday: Hamburgers
Sunday: Grilled pork chops w/ raspberry salad
Monday: ??
Tuesday: Enchilada Rice
Wednesday: Egg Wraps
Thursday: Chicken Caesar Salad
Friday: Slow Cooker Coca-Cola Pot Roast

I've not been hungry much lately (except for delicious things like chips and bars of chocolate) and I find it very difficult to plan a meal. I am very thankful for the Internet or my family may only eat cheap steak cooked in mushroom soup...

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