Monday, September 27, 2010

Taking time to Dance

“Every family has its own rhythm and if you dance with your children, that rhythm will become a part of them and they will never forget it.” Geoffrey Holder

Last Christmas, my mom gave me a small desk calendar (365 Daily Thoughts and Inspirations). Each day has a different quote from a famous person and most were cute, some amusing. But as the year wears on, they become more poignant and seemingly directed at me specifically.

The quote above was from September 24th. And it wasn’t really deep or thought provoking until I saw it this morning when I got to work.

I spent the weekend not doing the household chores that were calling my name or organizing the spice cupboard. I didn’t clean the pile of stuff off the kitchen counter that has been blocking the microwave for days. I didn’t sort my closet shelf, clean the bathrooms or bake muffins as I’d intended. I didn’t finish planning the upcoming basement renovation or straightening up my sewing room. I didn’t sort through TroubleMaker’s clothes or toys and I certainly did not wash the floors I’ve been sticking to for a couple of weeks.

What I did do, however, was far more rewarding, memorable and enjoyable than anything else I could have imagined.

Saturday morning, TroubleMaker and I went grocery shopping. Quite mundane, really, but I got to spend 2 hours with my son doing nothing but wandering the isles of the grocery store talking, laughing and playing silly games. He wore the goofiest hat that made his ears stick out. His face was a little sticky with the jam from his morning toast and his clothes didn’t match (he likes to dress himself when given the opportunity). He asked me questions like why my shirt was purple and what we needed a ‘tuuurrrrkeee’ for. He selected the green onions and wanted to buy 17 pounds of carrots. We had an accidental avalanche of apples that set us both giggling like two year olds. He said “Hi” to anyone and everyone and a courteous “mornin’” to the produce clerk who greeted us. He pointed out the many balloons we saw and identified their shapes.

The afternoon was spent picking apples together before his friend came over to play. The evening was quiet with a “Mak-e-roan-e” supper.

Sunday I woke with the intention of catching up all the stuff I didn’t so on Saturday. We finally rolled out of bed at 8:30 and I made omelets. We went for a short walk to gather some fall leaves. By noon I lamented to my husband all the things I didn’t do (and needed to) and it was getting late in the day!

TroubleMaker then asked me to play trains and build him a new layout.

We did. Together.

So the floors are still sticky and the basket of apples will sit another day. I put the new sweaters on my husband’s side of the closet and he nearly caused an avalanche of his own jockeying stuff on the counter trying to gain access to the microwave.

But we danced as a family this weekend and I think that is more important.


I wrote this post upon my arrival to work this morning... Later in the day, I was checking out some blogs I read and happened upon The Organic Sister's Inspiration Monday and decided to link this post. Check our her blog - it's awesome and things dreams are made of!

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  1. Love this post. Just like letting the dishes wait while watching Indian in the Cupboard with my boys.



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