Friday, September 3, 2010

Mystery Lunch

Our house has been a little chaotic this week as the Momma (that's me) got the cold my boys had last week - and with preparing for our vacation, it's just added up to some busy days!

This morning, as I'm rushing to get out the door for work, I knew I needed a hot lunch. I venture down to the Freezer to see what is has tucked away in its darkest corners for hot lunches - namely, soups.

There were three containers of homemade Split Pea Soup, which I've since decided I don't like but tucked way at the back was a baggie filled with flecks of poultry, the gorgeous orange of carrots and the odd bit of celery, parsley and pasta. I drew the conclusion that it was soup... And I assumed I hadn't labelled it because how could I not recognise soup?

Well, I heated it today and it is soup. It is really good soup. But my inexperienced pallet has no idea if it's chicken or turkey and I honestly don't remember making it so I also don't know how old it is... But it tastes fresh and warm and it's like a hug from your favourite Grandma... And just what the Momma ordered.

There are a few things I do well in life and soup making is one of them. I just have 'the gift' - my issue is a toss things in a pot and don't write or measure what I toss in the pot! I did, the other day, make homemade chicken "stew-p" (pronounced "steww-ooop" - a made up word that combines "soup" and "stew") and I did record what I tossed in... But what I forget is I will randomly pull spices out of the cupboard and adjust the taste - so, I will share my 'recipe' (I'll add it to this post when I get home) but note a 'sprinkle' of this and a 'sprinkle' of that cannot be accurately measured.

So here is a lousy picture (the joys of cell phone camers)of my Mystery Lunch - paired with a tea biscuit and a slice of sharp cheddar, could life get any tastier?

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