Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Signs of Paranormal Activity

Many years ago, I believed in ghosts, past lives and anything paranormal. I know I truly believed I had experienced encounters with ghosts and I recall thinking I knew things that I couldn’t know so I chalked it up to experiences brought forward from a past life. With age, experience and marrying the world’s biggest and most adamant skeptic, my beliefs faded and the person I call “rational Corrie” emerged. Although I knew what I had experienced, I was able to put those things from my mind and be rational and smart and not a ‘believer’. Ghosts – not any more real than vampires, the boogyman or monsters under the bed. Past lives? Whack jobs with too much time on their hands. UFO’s? Crazy people with drinking problems. I could explain it all away.
And I still do – those things haven’t necessarily changed for me. And although my planned post for today was to be about “Learning your Design Style”, something happened to me yesterday that made me give pause for the things that go bump in the night.

While off measuring and photographing a building here on Campus, I had a weird thing occur. No ghost-l like images or haunting noises, not even flickering lights or ‘cold’ spots.

Most likely, it was a camera malfunction but what if it wasn’t?

Exhibit “A” – Picture Taken 2:36pm
First picture taken of the area – low light conditions. I had been photographing another building prior to this with no issues. As you can see, this picture is fine too.

Exhibit “B” – Picture Taken 2:37pm
Five pictures after the first and the big circular flash of light in the upper left corner was what first alerted me to the fact something was “wrong” with the camera (I saw it on the display after the picture was taken). I really thought it was just a reflection – even though there was nothing there for the flash to reflect off of.
I did try cleaning the lens with a soft cloth, it made no difference.

Exhibit “C” – Picture Taken 2:38pm
Three pictures after “B” – all the pictures between we in the same area and filled with the many spots of light seen on this photo. This is the ‘best’ in the sense that there were so many spots on the other photos that the picture was out of focus.

Exhibit “D” – Picture Taken 2:39pm
Seven pictures after “C” and in the same area but looking due North (previous were North West) as you can see, there are no spots and the camera appears to be ‘back to normal’. All the pictures I took after this were fine.

Exhibit “E” – Picture Taken 8:03am (the next morning)
I believed that the camera had malfunctioned and was broken so I started taking random snaps of my work area and cannot recreate the issues I saw the day before.

It got me thinking about the experiences I had before (when I was younger) and I felt no chills or weirdness like I remember feeling before (I can’t believe I’m admitting this ): when I had experienced ghost-like encounters in my youth, I always felt a ‘presence’; yesterday, nothing.

Was there something there? Was it a trick of light? Was it a camera malfunction?

I can’t say as I know for certain but maybe I wasn’t alone…

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