Friday, September 3, 2010

MPM #18

Well, I can't link this next week as I'm going to be out in the sticks camping with my Husband and TroubleMaker (and the dog too) but I thought I'd post it so those who visit me can see it!

This past week was good - the home made
"stew-p" was a success and the tacos turned into Nachos at the last minute (and they were oh-so-good!). Thursday we had an impromptu Roast Turkey Dinner with stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy with broccoli and cauliflower with homemade cheese sauce... YUM!

My Husband pulled up the carrots this week... And the two days I spent hand weeding the carrots paid off - we had an amazing carrot harvest this year and will happily be munching our Nantes carrots for weeks to come!

Here is our week at a glance
September 4 to September 12
Saturday Ravioli from a Can!
Sunday Hamburgers & chips
Monday Minestrone soup & grilled cheese sandwiches
Tuesday Smokies & baked beans (also from a can)
Wednesday Steak, rice-a-roni with Corn on the Cob
Thursday Hamburgers & chips
Friday Chicken & open fire cooked veggies
Saturday Pizza Party!
Sunday ???

Cereal, toast, pancakes & sausage, bacon & eggs!

Crackers & cheese, granola bars, Trail Mix Yogurt & fruit

Hope you have a great week and check out more Menu Plan Monday cooking and meal planning ideas over at Org Junkie!

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