Friday, February 25, 2011

52 Weeks of Organizing: Week 8 (The Roadblock)


Roadblocks. I think they are something we all run into or create for ourselves. And this was my week to run smack dab, face first into a big roadblock...

The Roadblock of Me

Anyone who knows me and likely anyone who has read this blog could tell you that I have great plans, great desires and great intentions. I try - I really do - give my all to something but a good majority of time something gets in my way or crosses my path and I stop or get distracted or I give up. Sometimes, I think I wrote the book on excuses - but perhaps I'm being too hard on myself - this happens to everyone, right? (Agree - for my sanity, please agree) ;-)

The past couple of weeks I've really struggled with my organizing. It isn't that I don't like the results - I do. I like going to my Cupboard of Doom and feeling successful and accomplished. I don't mind taking the time to neatly fold my sweaters after work and placing them back (in order of the picture, even) on my closet shelf. We've all taken care to make sure we keep TroubleMaker's dresser organized.

I like being organized. But it just seems too hard. I know I can break it down into small stuff and just do little chunks but ugh. I don't know - I like doing it, I like the planning and the organizing but it is hard, daunting, overwhelming and I just feel like I won't keep up. So, when this happens, I stop.

But not now. Not this time. I want to succeed, I want to be able to find what I need when I need it and I want to be proud of my home and of the work I've done (and keep doing). So I need to just take stock of the accomplishments I've made and just keep taking it one small step at a time, one success at a time.

It may be a 52 Week project - that's just one project per week. And the big projects I have on my list don't have to be done all at once (if you look here, you'll see my one of my biggest organizing tasks yet to come - and trust me, my husband was very kind when he took those pictures). I can't let the big scary stuff stop me - I'll just have to break it down into chunks or pieces I can deal with.

So today, I did the project I planned on Thursday night and it took no time at all. I made a trip to the local dollar store this morning and it was container-pulooza. I was in HEAVEN - who knew the basket isle of that store could bring me so much joy for so little money!

Here is the task that got me past the roadblock today - the bathroom vanity. And oddly enough, with all the stuff I tossed out and the things I neatly organized, the thing looks HUGE!

Photobucket Before

Photobucket Basket-ee Goodness!

For more inspiration and roadblock breaking goodness, check out all of the great people participating in the Org Junkie's 52 Week Organizing Project!


  1. Your post was making me want to cry, seriously, and then I got to the end and just felt so joyful. Who knew organizing would bring such happiness. I looked at your plan for your sewing room and I say go for it!! I face a lot of the same challenges you do, but I have to say something sort of clicked in the past couple of weeks. I am totally addicted to a spotless kitchen (this week's post at my blog) and finally let my husband in on my goal for the year. He is into it too (he did not grow up in a tidy home). So this morning he vacuumed and moved furniture and cleaned baseboards in the livingroom. My goal is to have the entire house so clean and organized (not perfect), so that when people walk through it, we do not panic!

  2. We all run into roadblocks. I live with one! But, like you, I keep trying and if I can accomplish one task per week, I will pat myself on the back and you should, too. Let's encourage one another to take that one small step each week and by the end of the year, we'll have so much to be proud of. Keep on going! Determination is at the root of all we choose to accomplish and we honour ourselves when we follow through.

  3. allysgrandma Thanks for the support - I was feeling so overwhelmed and like a huge failure! We had a similar blitz in our house too - I loved your kitchen table post - I always (always) have a stack of "Stuff with no home" on the table but I'm tired of it too and your table looked so pretty that I know I have to find homes for those things! I agree with the spotless kitchen - I just have to keep on top of things better and not let myself lazy-out! You'll inspire me for sure - and so will Elizabeth - no matter how sick, how tired or how fed up she is, she ALWAYS has such a clean kitchen (and so do I when she visits - I <3 my Mom)!

    Let's keep inspiring eachother and together, we'll all get it together in 2011!

  4. Elizabeth (AKA Mom)! I know your roadblock and we love him dearly, but boy-oh-boy, he could sure use an intervention! But we'll all keep working behind the scenes to make the 'good ideas' his and support you through it all! Love you!

  5. one of my favorite sayings is

    'buck up little pilgrim' it doesn't mean really anything but it does make me smile...don't lose heart...just having the intention to do it is like 70% and just like under the sink you will see how little time some things can take

    I came from some link up, not sure which one :)

    have a great week...

  6. April - thanks for stopping by and for the words of encouragement! I like that saying and I really like the bit about having the intention is like almost having it done. I've never looked at it from that point of view and you know what - you're right! Plans are part of the battle but also a major component of the victory! You are an excellent source of inspiration to me today... Thank you. :)

  7. You have done a great job and are an inspiration to me.

  8. Thank you for your kind words - I'm glad to know I'm not alone in this organizing thing!



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