Saturday, February 5, 2011

OOPS... I did it by accident...

For reasons unknown to me, I decided to take the few hours before bed to 'revamp' Barefoot Deliberations. I wanted to customize it and make it more "me"... What I did not realize was that by clicking certain things (like "Save Changes") would mean an irreversible change to my existing site. I thought, because I was in the 'designer' area that it would just do it in draft - especially since the preview area was not showing me any previews.

Well, tonight, I learned that one shouldn't click 'OK' unless you really mean it... Now I have a blog that I don't recognize and I can't quite figure out how to make it look like it used too. So I suppose I will spend the rest of my weekend creating the 'redesigned' site.

Yes, I am apparently technologically deficient. What can I say - I planned on being a rock star when I grew up so I took music classes instead of computer classes.

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