Wednesday, February 2, 2011

We-Design-Day: Practical Theory Week # 3

After a one-week, flu induced hiatus, I'm back with renewed fervor to wrap up the Principles of Design series. The week, we're going to look at Unity & Harmony as well as Variety.

VI.Unity & Harmony

    a.Unity is generally defined as "oneness"; that is to say that all the parts (of the design) work to tie it together. Unity provides a sense of order. It is often achieved by the use of repetition albeit in shape, pattern, texture or form. Colour can also be used to fuse a space together by providing similarity between dissimilar objects.

    b.Harmony works in conjunction with unity and is the result of a design fitting together; harmony can hold a design together.


    a.In design, variety works to capture our attention and create excitement. Varying objects (tall vs short), patterns (stripes vs polka dots), and textures (rough vs smooth) all work to add diversity to a design.

That concludes our introductory look at the Principles of Design. It's a lot to take in but as we work through our design projects, I'll highlight and note how I am applying the Elements and Principles so you can see how they work 'in action'.

Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to journeying down the Design path together!

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